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Stevens H., Huys I., Debackere K., Goldman M., Stevens P., Mahoney R.
Vaccines: Accelerating Innovation and Access
Global Challenges Report, WIPO, 2017
The analysis aims to put into perspective debates around health innovation and the availability of health technologies in developing countries, especially with respect to the role of IP. In particular, it provides an overview of how IP has been used to meet global health challenges in the vaccines field, and considers whether lessons can be drawn to inform other important health technologies.

Interview with Prof. Michel Goldman.
Biotech Finances – Monday 19 June 2017 – No. 773
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“Impliquer les patients le plus tôt possible pour définir l’efficacité de la molécule”, Prof. .Michel Goldman explained in an interview with Biotech Finance. “Il faut surmonter le souci de profit immédiat pour explorer des voies de collaboration intéressantes à long terme pour la société et l’écosystème de la santé.”

Stevens H, Van Overwalle G, Van Looy B, Huys I.
IP policies in early-phase research in public-private partnerships: an overview and assessment of current practices.
Nat Biotechnol. 2016, 34(5);504-10.
An Intellectual Property (IP) policy analysis reveals the use of a variety of IP frameworks within early-phase biomedical Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs). Dependent on the nature of the research objectives, enacted IP frameworks or „knowledge sharing strategies‟ differ, ranging from „partnership oriented‟ models towards „open‟ models.

Interview with Prof. Michel Goldman.
Insideview: Frontiers
Nature Epub. 2016 Mar 17.
“Researchers and healthcare professionals need to become more comfortable working in interdisciplinary teams”, according to Prof. Michel Goldman.

Goldman M.
Education in Medicine: Moving the boundaries to foster interdisciplinarity.
Front Med. 2016 Apr(3). Epub. 2016 Apr 8.
“Future advances

[in precision medicine] will depend on innovative educational programs that will provide the next generation of healthcare professionals with sound and robust bases for interdisciplinary patient-focused approaches and that will develop their mindset for collaboration.”

Lambert PH, Goldman M.
Vaccination and Autoimmune Diseases.
The Vaccine Book. 2016;Ch.9:161-75. Elsevier, ISBN: 978-0-12-802174-3.
The association of vaccination and the potential risk of autoimmune adverse effects deserves particular attention. The book chapter reviews the reality of this concern for infection-associated autoimmune manifestations and guidelines are defined for clinicians to face the challenge of vaccinating patients with autoimmune diseases.

Lim MD, Brumfield MA, Goldman M.
Philanthropies as partners for drug development in public–private partnerships.
Journal of Medicines Development Sciences, 2015,1(1);1-4.
In addition to providing financial support and expertise, philanthropic foundations are in a unique position to coordinate the patient and research communities to enable and accelerate specific medicines development projects.

Gunn M, Lim MD, Cross D, Goldman M.
Benchmarking the scientific output of the Innovative Medicines Initiative.
Nat Biotechnol. 2015 Aug;33(8):811-2.
A holistic framework, going beyond measuring bibliometric data, has been proposed to compare and improve the performance of ongoing consortia and establish new ‘fit-for-purpose’ public-private partnerships. The whole framework of measurements takes into consideration evaluation criteria applicable to both the corporate and public worlds.