How to prevent and cure COVID-19? – Online Conference

The quest for vaccines: an unprecedented rally

How to reconcile speed, efficacy and safety?

Who should pay for what?

Therapeutic antibodies vs. vaccines: do we need both?

European strengths and weaknesses

Mathias Dewatripont

Co-director of the I3h Institute (ULB)

Former Vice-Governor of the National Bank of Belgium

Nathalie Garçon

CEO, Bioaster, France

Michel Goldman

Co-director of the I3h Institute

Former Executive Director of the Innovative Medicines Initiative

Michel Kazatchkine

Senior Fellow, Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies, Geneva

Former Executive Director of the Global Fund against HIV, Malaria and Tuberculosis

Paul-Henri Lambert

Professor at the Center of Vaccinology of the University of Geneva

Former Chief of Vaccines Research and Development at WHO

Ellen ‘t Hoen

Director of Medicine Law and Policy and Founder of the Medicines Patent Pool

Rino Rappuoli

Chief Scientist & Head of external R&D, GSK Vaccines