Our co-director, Michel Goldman has given lecture during a virtual public session on 28 November 2020 organised by the Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium and the French National Academy of Pharmacy.

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About the author:
Lynda Grine completed her Master in Biochemistry and Biotechnology in 2010 at the Ghent
University. Right aftewards, she pursued a PhD at the Flemish Institute of Biotechnology
(VIB) with an IWT-grant. Today, she’s doctor-assistant at the Ghent University, an FWO-
project manager and senior researcher at UZ Gent. In 2018, she successfully attained the
‘Translational Medicine’ certificate at the ULB. Next to her daytime job, Lynda remains
passionate about science and wants to let the world know about scientific innovation, today’s
challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.