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Mobilizing EU collective intelligence to defeat Covid-19

Our co-director, Michel Goldman, has contributed to an article published in Le Vif on the possible effects of immunotherapies in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. He has stressed that Sars-CoV-2 anticorps could prove to be particularly effective in the treatment of older patients.
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Following the confirmation of the first instance of a man contracting the coronavirus twice, our co-director, Michel Goldman analyzed the possible implications during the interview for France 24.
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During a live interview for RTBF info, our co-director, Michel Goldman advocated for intensifying the efforts towards raising public awareness about the collective responsibility and solidarity in the fight against COVID-19.
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In the interview given to BX1, our co-director, Michel Goldman, talks about the progress made in the fight against COVID-19, the unprecedented acceleration of the research process and possible issues with the production of sufficient quantities of the vaccine.
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Our co-director MD shares his role as a member of GEES with ULB TV, and talks about the I3H Institute’s participation in the mobilisation of interdisciplinary scientific efforts against the COVID-19 pandemic.
During this live-streamed event, we focused on answering the following questions:
– What does a responsible exit strategy mean?
– Should we harmonize lockdown exits across Europe?
– At which level should we mobilize collective intelligence? Member State, EU, Global?
– How to ensure citizen ownership for a successful lockdown exit?
During this live-streamed event, we focused on answering the following questions:
– How economists help to overcome the crisis?
– How to foster collaboration across borders?
– How to empower citizens in the fight against pandemics?
– COVID-19: A failure of health diplomacy?
Experts from various disciplines joined us as speakers: Michel Kazatchkine, Ellen ‘t Hoen, Odette Wegwarth, Hugues Bersini, Marius Gilbert, and our co-directors Michel and Mathias.
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Rapidly identifying workers who are immune to COVID-19 and virus-free is a priority for restarting the economy
by Mathias Dewatripont, Michel Goldman, Eric Muraille, Jean-Philippe Platteau
23 March 2020, VoxEU
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La surconsommation d’opioïdes est liée à la pauvreté
Le Monde, February 2019
The article was inspired by the study published by Dewatripont M., Ginsburgh V., Goldman M., Legros P., Natali I. in IDEAS, in which they analysed how opioid analgesic sales are related to socioeconomic conditions in France.
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12 mois 12 experts | Prix Nobel de Jules Bordet
ULB Service Communication Recherche, December 2019
The article published by Prof Michel Goldman commemorates 100th anniversary of the first Nobel Price for a Belgian citizen – Jules Bordet, who was the precursor of modern immunology and its therapeutic applications. Read more to find out how his scientific heritage has influenced modern healthcare.
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Des thérapies géniques pour tous
ULB Service Communication Recherche, December 2019
With the growing number of efficient gene therapies on the market, now is the time to take actions to ensure reasonable pricing of gene therapy products. In the article published in Nature Medicine, Alain Fischer, Mathias Dewatripont and Michel Goldman propose to incentivize gene therapy companies to adopt a status of certified B corporations that translates their corporate social responsibility into concrete commitments.
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Strengthening collaboration between ULB faculties
November 2019
The growing interest and investments in the healthcare business are opening many collaboration opportunities between Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management and ULB’s Faculty of Medicine. Deans of the respective entities already cooperate closely through I3h Institute, to help their students develop skills that are relevant for business leaders in the biotech sector. The article published in the Solvay’s Coffee Corner magazine describes current continuing education efforts and looks into promising future developments through multidisciplinary action.
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Nobel Prize Dialogue 
November 8th, 2019
Michel Goldman has been invited to participate in the sessions on Vaccine Hesitancy, Healthcare Affordability and Precision Medicine

How to advance research in medicine?
May 2019, Frontiers Forum
We need to focus on translating medical advances into standard of care. By taking a system approach and considering economic challenges, we can achieve solutions that are affordable. 

L’Echo: Il faut (vite) rendre le vaccin anti-rougeole obligatoire
Goldman M., June 2019
Measles epidemic spreads around Europe at alarming speed, with over 44 000 new cases registered between January 2016 and March 2019. Within the last three years 84 deaths were registered. The increasing number of non-vaccinated children is one of the main causes for this situation. Prof Michel Goldman has published a plea in L’Echo, in which he advocates that Belgian authorities should follow the example of Italy, France and soon Germany, where measles vaccination is mandatory.
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Project Syndicate: Mobilizing Young People Against Anti-Vaxxers
Goldman M., April 2019
Vaccination is about more than individual welfare; it is an act of social solidarity. However, with vaccine coverage being insufficient in the US and many European countries, herd immunity is at risk. The key to increasing awareness of the benefits of immunization lies in education, particularly of young people. In an article published by Project Syndicate, Michel Goldman calls for actions to mobilize teenagers to become vaccine advocates through educational programs that go beyond school-based teaching methods and take advantage of comics, game-based learning tools, social media, and other digital technologies.
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Project Syndicate: How to Help Deflate America’s Opioid Bubble
Dewatripont M., Goldman M., February 2019
The opioid epidemic in the United States, which the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) declared a public-health emergency in 2017, continues to escalate. In the article published by Project Syndicate Mathias Dewatripont and Michel Goldman argue that policymakers should look for lessons in what may seem to be an unrelated episode: the 2008 global financial crisis.
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I3h Annual Lecture
February 25th, 2019
Following the lecture on “Health as a common good: an economic perspective”, our keynote speaker, Jean Tirole, has been interview by major Belgian newspapers.
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IMI: Celebrating 10 Years of Medical Innovations 
June 27th, 2018
Michel Goldman explains the Innovative Medicines Initiative, a unique European public-private partnership for healthcare innovation, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary celebration of IMI (interview for pharma.be)

EMBL Webinar: How to prepare and incentivise research scientists and healthcare professionals for collaborative innovation
April 27th, 2018
Michel Goldman and Hilde Stevens discussed the future of precision medicine and lessons learnt from our educational program that incentivises healthcare professionals to collaborate and develop their organizational skills
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Collègue Belgique: Comment seront-nous soignés demain? – conférence par Michel Goldman
April 24th, 2018
Michel Goldman, founder and co-director of the I3h Institute, held a lecture on the future of medicine at the Belgian Academy of Medicine.
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Only French version available.

Daily Science: Les structures mélodiques et supramoléculaires rythment les journées de Jean Marie Lehn
March 9th, 2018
Pionnier dans le domaine de la chimie supramoléculaire et Prix Nobel de Chimie en 1987 pour sa contribution majeure à la connaissance des bases chimiques de la reconnaissance moléculaire (conjointement aux Pr Donald J. Cram et Charles J. Pedersen), le Pr Jean-Marie Lehn est également passionné de musique. Rencontre à Bruxelles, en marge de sa leçon inaugurale au « Baillet Latour Interdisciplinary Program in Translational Medicine ».
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L’Echo: L’ULB veut pousser les futurs-médecins à tenter l’aventure biotech
January 25th, 2018
Cofondateur du pôle de compétitivité Biowin, Michel Goldman s’attache à bâtir des ponts entre les mondes académique et industriel.
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POLITICO ProMorning Health Care: Sparking innovation
January 5th, 2018
Michel Goldman has met with Shirley Wang from POLITICO in order to discuss EU’s plans to promote research and innovation.“Obviously we need to invest more, but money is not enough,” Goldman told Morning Health Care. “I think money should be used in a way that fosters collaboration and facilitates competition, because we need both.”
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