Why a new educational program?   

Healthcare is entering a new era

  • prevention and treatment tailored to patient and pathologic processes
  • new approach including analysis of biological and clinical data: electronic health records, mobile technologies
  • new diagnostic and therapeutic tools: genomics, imaging, med devices, cell therapies, efficient biopharmaceutical products
  • interdisciplinary approach from basic research to patient-centric care: including (pre)clinical research, development of medicines
    and medical devices, healthcare organization, management and economics

Healthcare providers, scientists, managers and policy makers need novel interdisciplinary knowledge and skills

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Over the recent past years, several public-private partnerships were launched to accelerate the development of innovative therapies. Although these collaborative endeavours are generally perceived as fruitful, their implementation is empirical with no measurable evidence of their added value.

Our ambition is to define sound and robust bases for interdisciplinary patient-focused approaches to move collaborative innovation forward.