What should the medicine of the future look like? A team of scientists writing in Frontiers in Science lays out a bold vision for precision approaches to understanding, preventing, and treating diseases, driven by revolutionary technologies and new interdisciplinary collaborations between researchers and other health sector professionals. The internationally renowned authors – led by Prof Michel Goldman, recipient of the Blaise Pascal Medal 2024 for his exceptional contributions to immunology and healthcare innovation, and leading microbiologist Prof Philippe Sansonetti from the Institut Pasteur and Collège de France – build on the many lessons of Covid-19, from strategies for radically faster vaccine development to use of big data and digital medicine. 

“The Covid-19 pandemic will have profound, long-lasting impacts on the anticipation of risk, practice of medicine, and the management of healthcare,” said Goldman, who is President and founder of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Innovation in Healthcare (I3H) at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and former Executive Director of the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI).“It demonstrated the importance of collaboration across sectors and disciplines to develop new solutions for major public health threats, and the power of artificial intelligence and digital tools for the advancement of medicine.”

The article is part of the Frontiers in Science multimedia article hub ‘The future of medicine’. The hub features an editorial, viewpoint, and policy outlook from other eminent experts: Dr Luca Perico and Prof Giuseppe Remuzzi (Institute for Pharmacological Research Mario Negri IRCCS, Italy), Dr Olusoji Adeyi (Resilient Health Systems, LLC, USA), Prof Prashant Yadac (INSEAD, USA), Mr Michel Kazatchkine (Global Health Centre, Switzerland), and Prof Brigitte Autran (Sorbonne-Université, France) – as well as an explainer with infographics and a video.