Testimonials on the Baillet Latour educational program

Testimonials on the 2018 educational program

Testimonials on the 2017 educational program

As a Business Engineer, I gained a lot of knowledge on how the scientific innovations are translated from research to patient-bed size and the challenges faced along this process. The various approaches given in the modules gave me a holistic view of what translational medicine looks like.
Additionally, this program enables me to collaborate and interact with peers having background, but most of all it taught me the importance of sharing knowledge and collaboration and how to implement it.

Considering my background, I can say that this program is accessible for everyone, but interest is key. Listening to top speakers makes it easier to follow and grab the main message.

Thibault Laboulle , ULB, Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management, Master student

The course is very well conceptualized and it seamlessly integrated various aspects of healthcare and innovation. Having a background as a food scientists, this is a very new experience for me and the course has taught me a lot about healthcare that I did not even realized mattered a lot. I particularly appreciate that the lecturers were giving concrete examples, such as their own experiences, and not just a run through of textbook knowledge. I definitely recommend this course to people who would like to understand how the healthcare sector works and what opportunities there are to get involved.

Gerard Gonzales, UGent, Food Scientist

I found the I3h course in translational medicine to be an excellent course for providing an overview of the healthcare landscape. In a short timeframe, key opinion leaders took an interactive and enthusiastic but thorough approach in teaching us who the different stakeholders and decision-makers of the healthcare system are, what resources are needed to create value, and what major challenges our healthcare system currently faces.

Rosanne Janssens , KU Leuven, Pharmaceutical Sciences, PhD student

The healthcare landscape in all its dimensions contains many complex issues that intertwine and can form impressive obstacles. I suppose this program has taught us to see these as a crossroads where professionals can engage into meaningful and inspiring dialogue. Further yet, it encouraged us to jump into the fray and add our own voice to the conversation; innovation being just a logical consequence.

Yassine Mazgout, ULB, Medicine, Master student