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The I3H Institute will be committed to educate and train a new generation of scientists and managers, who will be responsible for implementing the new models of innovation in healthcare. In this context, the I3H Institute will be the driving force behind a new Masters in Translational Medicine currently elaborated at the Faculty of Medicine of the ULB. This program will be open to a range of students from Belgium and abroad, and will also be accessible to professionals in the early phase of their career. Faculty will include senior scientists and managers active in the biopharmaceutical sector.


The Master in Translational Medicine program is designed to develop the interdisciplinary skills required to enter existing and future career paths in private or public companies or institutions contributing to translational and precision medicine: established industries (pharma, IT, medical devices, diagnostics), start-up companies, hospitals, academic research institutions, regulatory agencies, governmental institutions and policy makers, contract research organizations (CROs), non- governmental organizations (NGOs), patient organizations, etc…

Courses and training will cover the different steps of the journey from basic research discovery to introduction of a new therapy or prevention method in patients care. Coursework will be organized across five key areas: (1) Pre- clinical and clinical research, (2) Health technologies, (3) Precision medicine, (4) Health economics and (5) Management and entrepreneurship

All courses and trainings will be given in English, taking advantage of case studies and e-learning technologies, by academic scientists from different faculties as well as invited professionals in the fields.

The master program is also accessible to PhDs and post-doctoral fellows, as well as to professionals engaged in these different sectors as a continuous professional development training.