During the academic year 2016-2017, the Interdisciplinary Program in Translational Medicine, launched by ULB and supported by the Fund Baillet Latour, is organized by the I3h Institute as a series of 5 Seminars – 5 consecutive 1,5 day modules (5 ECTS) (Friday p.m. & Saturday till 4 p.m.).


To provide healthcare stakeholders of the future with a basic knowledge and a holistic vision of the complex processes that translate scientific advances into novel standards of care.


  • The main strategies and tools for the prevention and treatment of disease states;
  • The main types and principles of healthcare systems worldwide;
  • The basic principles of healthcare economics and management;
  • The multiple steps and key principles in the development of health technologies;
  • The basics of data and knowledge generation in healthcare;
  • The new innovation models and career opportunities in healthcare;


Thanks to the support of the Fund Baillet Latour:

  • Master Students from ULB and all other Belgian universities: free of charge
  • PhD Students
    • from ULB and all other Belgian universities: free of charge
  • Post-Doctoral Fellows and Medical Doctors in training from ULB and all other Belgian universities:
    • 20 seats free of charge
  • Professionals:
    • 5 seats free of charge



Online registration:
Via registration link:

ULB Master Students:
Via the ULB registration link:
Mnemonic: BIME-G5505

Number of places is limited;
PhD students, post-docs, MDs in training and professionals to be selected by an ad hoc committee.


  • Michel Goldman (ULB)
  • Bruno van Lierde (ULB)
  • Hilde Stevens (ULB)
  • Bruno Flamion (University of Namur)
  • Magda Rosenmöller (IESE, Barcelona)
  • Jean-Louis Vincent (ULB)
  • Julie Gaye (ULB)
  • Lydie Meheus (Anti-Kankerfonds)
  • Sir Alasdair Breckenridge (Former Chair of the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency)
  • Mattias Neyt (Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre (KCE) and ME-TA)
  • Alain Delchambre (ULB)
  • Jacques Deviere (ULB)
  • Magda Papadaki, (Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry)
  • Mariana Igoillo (ULB)
  • Marie Neunez (ULB)
  • Lode Dewulf (Doctors of the World)
  • Mitchell Silva (Esperity, ReumaNet, EUPATI BE)
  • Dipak Kalra (European Institute for Health Records and University College of London)
  • Hugues Bersini (ULB)
  • Isabelle Huys (KU Leuven)
  • Françoise Meunier (EORTC)
  • Patrick Legros (ULB)
  • Bill Hausdorff (ULB)
  • Michel Katzatchkine (UN Special Envoy on HIV/AIDS)
  • Olivier Vandenberg (ULB)
  • Samia Laokri (ULB)
  • Olivier Witmeur (ULB)
  • Dimitrios Tzalis (Taros GmbH)
  • John Metselaar (J-Met Connect)
  • Patrick Crasson (BeNovate)
  • Philippe Monteyne (Fund+)
  • Alain Parthoens (Vesalius Biocapital)


  • Teaching: 17&18 February, 24&25 February, 3&4 March, 10&11 March, 24&25 March;
  • Evaluation: continuous process throughout the course and based on active participation;
  • Possibility to obtain a Certificate from the the ULB Continuing Education – Health & Life Sciences upon a min. 80% attendance rate, submission and presentation of a group work;
    Date for submission of group work: end of April 2018;
    Presentation to the Jury: beginning of May 2018;
  • Possibility to get accreditation for physicians.


Campus Erasme, Anderlecht (Brussels), Auditorium Bremer (B2.002 – building B).

For more information, please send an e-mail to the following address, info@i3health.eu

Interdisciplinary Program Feb-March 2018
Interdisciplinary Program Feb-March 2017
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